• If the student decides to cancel his/her order before assigning that particular work to any writer that is working on it, another assignment can be booked easily without giving a single penny. However, in case the assignment has already been allocated to the writer then, it is necessary for the writer to continue with the current order. It is because of the reason that the writer who has started working on the particular assignment must get the compensation for the task.

  • In case, if the student is charged twice by the executives of service provider and also received separate receipts from the processing system of the organisation. Then, the students should not hesitate in order to contact us in any manner. Students just have to forward all the receipts to via email. Thus, it would enable to refund all the extra payments made by students to the company within a short span of time.

  • We as give our best in order to allocate the efficient writer to work on the assignments. However, there are very fewer chances that, when the writer is not available. In case, if it occurs, then we guarantee to deliver the assignment to students for free of cost.

  • It is mandatory for students to ensure that all the proper details concerned with assignments that includes lecture notes and all other additional material should be provided while making an order for an assignment. In case, if, due to some reasons the assignment is not delivered to the student within deadline, then, the student is provided with a facility with increased content so that penalty for late submission would not affect the grade of the student.

  • The policy for 100% satisfaction guarantees to ensure that the writers would keep on reworking on the particular assignment until the student or professor is not satisfied. The revisions for assignments would be done again and again till all the task requirements aremet. It is necessary that the revisions for assignment must be done within the time limit of 31 days. After the time frame of 31 days, the assignment would not be accepted and thus, no refund would be provided to students in such cases.

  • Along with this, will never give any chance which results in fail grade in the student’s assignment. If in case, it may happen, then we guarantee to provide 50% refund to student from our wallet. It signifies that we follow wallet refund policy and proper proofs should be provided within the time limit of 31 days after completion of a student’s assignment. After particular time frame, any kind of request from the student’s side would not be acceptable. The major reason for following the refund policy up to 50% is that the writers take the money from in advance and it is difficult to take the money back from the experts or writers. Thus, we guarantee to ensure efficient assignment quality and fire the writer instantly who is not providing good quality results.

  • In order to book any assignment, the various three categories include distinction, credit and passing marks. We differentiate in providing numerous services to students and thus, charges are made as per the requirement of students. Although, there are very rare chances that such cases occur. In case, if it does, we guarantee to refund the amount to the wallet account of students. Along with this, proofs for scoring less marks should be provided within the time frame of 31 days from the actual date of assignment delivery. After 31 days, request from the student’s side would not be entertained in any manner.

  • Other than the second clause, we do not provide any cash refund facility in availing the service. In case, if the reason is acceptable then we guarantee to deliver the assignments for free of cost instead of providing any refund to the students.


The situation would not be considered as valid enough, if it does not fall under all the above-stated categories. Also, no refund would be provided to the student.

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